About us

Dynamic Devices provides a range of embedded integration services, specialising in development, testing and deployment of software on the Embedded Linux and Windows CE platforms.

Recent projects include

Embedded Linux development, porting a patched OpenEmbedded build tree to a new Freescale i.MX28 based network connected device for a major UK provider of in-car fixed safety camera location products.

Provision of development services, within an Agile/Scrum team environment, to a major UK delivery service provider to assist them in bringing to market a proprietary internally developed parcel delivery infrastructure.

Provision of development services to a major international provider of intelligent transportation solutions (ITS) to enable deployment of a real-time bus timetable display solution. Emphasis on UI implementation under Windows CE/Mobile, device performance optimisation (speed/battery life), and connectivity over wireless GPRS using a proprietary data-delivery communications protocol.

Specification and development of “ModemManager” application to provide extremely robust connectivity between wireless devices and the enterprise. Application was designed to control a range of different embedded modems (e.g. Wavecom and Motorola G24/G24-L/G30/H24) and provide retry mechanisms to ensure system reliability. Whilst ModemManager is a generic solution for Windows CE device connectivity, solution has been deployed within the transportation sector.

Provision of consultancy services to a major international modem manufacturer to resolve ongoing issues with GPRS connectivity over certain types of APN.

Maintenance of a range of devices for a leading UK home audio/video provider, including support services for their 8051-based PLM/51 code-base, and protocol implementation (SensibleHeat / RAKO)

Development of an Atmel ATMega microcontroller based iPod/iPhone dock prototype, using the Apple AIR protocol to control iPod/iPhone devices.