On the 12th October, the Dynamic Devices team were invited along to attend and speak at the Digital Security By Design All Hands Event! This is related to our involvement in the Digital Catapault Morello CHERI technology access programme (TAP).

Alex presenting at the event

At the event, we were hugely enthused to speak with many other businesses, all taking part in the Digital Security by Design research project. We had the opportunity to attend multiple workshops and get a much closer look at how CHERI works.


It was a fantastic event to attend and it was great to put faces to the names we’ve seen on the CHERI-CPU slack channel. It gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves as a contributing member to this project and to speak about our aim of bringing Embedded Linux using the Yocto Project to the CHERI architecture and Morello platform.

We hope to attend more Digital Security by Design events as the project further progresses.

To learn more about the Digital Security by Design all hands event visit here.


Our project plan is open for all to see online via our GitHub.

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