Introduction to Makefest

Hello everyone! We can officially call Makefest 2022 a complete success!

Firstly, Makefest gives us the brilliant opportunity to demonstrate our brilliant Kettle Companion product to a creative crowd of creators and great people.


Kettle Companion

As a matter of fact, you can see our Kettle Companion kit in action on the left!

The two mini kettles are known as our ‘ambient kettles’. These are the devices which indicate using an LED whether the kettle it is linked to has been boiled yet.

Red indicates that the kettle has not been boiled whereas green evidently indicates that it has!

This is signalled through a monitoring plug and communicated via Wi-Fi to a paired Kettle Companion in another user’s home. A text message alert can also be sent to the owner of this appliance if their Kettle Companion has turned red.


Furthermore, visitors at Makefest were able to talk to our founder Alex about our Kettle Companion product and how to purchase a test kit! For more information on getting yourself a Kettle Companion kit, please visit


Fellow Creators and Makers from DoES & Merseyside


Plenty of our friends from DoES Liverpool were also in attendance and were able to showcase their creative skills!

Have a look at the pictures below for an idea of the inventions featured at Makefest from our friends at DoES.



Additionally, we would like to give a big thank you to everyone who visited our stand at Makefest yesterday as well as everyone who helped bring Makefest together this year.

Also, are looking forward to Makefest 2023 as we’ll have new and exciting projects to show you!


For more info please visit


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